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Cedit Machinery, having a total production area of ​​4.500 m², producing yarn dyeing, yarn centrifuge, yarn drying, yarn printing, yarn fixing and conditioning, hank dyeing, hank centrifuge, hank drying machines, and serving the textile industry since 2005 gives.
In addition, in order to meet the requirements of the enterprises;
1.   Special Design Tanks, Stainless Tanks
2.  Mixers, High Pressure Pumps
3.   Machine Repair and Maintenance
4.   Supports the industry with spare parts and electronic circuit equipment.


We come to our customers with special solutions with more than 25 different models of textile finishing machines that we produce. Cedit Machinery is a brand that manufactures textile finishing machines in our country at the point of being your “Solution Partner in Dyeing”.

Cedit Machinery serves the textile industry with its young and dynamic staff, open to technology, developments and innovation, with the latest technology and quality certificates that can meet market needs. While guiding the textile industry in domestic fairs, we represent our country in the best way at international fairs.




 CEDİT Makina has adopted the principle of being among the most reliable and preferred companies in the textile industry, and has arranged its management and quality policy accordingly.

•   Establishment of business use with 100% efficiency so that our customers' production and services are not disrupted,
•   For this purpose, to offer products that exceed the expectations of the customers by constantly monitoring the changing trends and technologies and standards in the world,
•   To provide our customers with reliable quality products at the most reasonable price, highest quality and in compliance with the legislation,
•   To provide pre-sales and post-sales information, technical support and complete delivery of projects on time so that our products can provide continuous and trouble-free service,
•   To ensure their development by establishing close and continuous cooperation with suppliers, to monitor the results and to ensure the robustness of all service chain links,

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