Multi Color Cone Dyeing Machine

Multi Color Cone Dyeing Machine

Capacity to dye 4-6-8 colors as standard. According to demand this color number will be more.  It designed to dye every kind of yarn.

Dyeing process occur by means of vacuum pump with pressured air.Dyestuff from dye tanks transmitted by vacuum pump to collectors. This process is sensitively adjusted by time relay and pneumatic on-off valves.Yarn cone will be placed by automatic pistons in to the mold.

At start position, the dyestuffs pierce into the cone in very short time by vacuum pump and pressured air. The cone mold can be changed according to design.


Machine Type: Cedit Multi Color Cone Dyeing Machine

Dyeing-Printing Pressure: -0,85 bar

System Temperature: ~20° C

Machine Construction: AISI 304

Programming System : Included

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