Fiber Dyeing Machine

Fiber Dyeing Machine

Cedit Fiber Dyeing Machine is used for dyeing synthetic and cellulosic fiber yarns.

The machine paints under the air cushion with the circulation provided by the pump. Compressed air creates a static pressure effect on the liquid fluid. Air cushion provides less liquor ratio and chemical usage. In addition, thanks to the insulation of the air, it prevents heat losses. It reduces energy and water consumption.

The machine has a stainless steel heating and cooling coil. Circulation is provided by a specially designed pump mounted on the machine. The internal-external working mechanism of the machine is provided by a specially designed pneumatically driven diverter mounted on the pump body. This diverter allows directing the fluid precisely and without impact. Our machine works in one direction in fiber dyeing.

The covers are closed with automatic pistons, providing perfect sealing. Thanks to these pistons, the opening, closing and clamping processes of the cover are completed in a short time.

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