Cubic Fixing and Condition Machine

Cubic Fixing and Condition Machine

Cubic yarn fixing and conditioning machine has two different heating systems, steam or electric. If electric heating is preferred, Cr-Ni stainless resistances are used for the realization of the heating process. For steam heating, a specially designed serpentine system is used to obtain saturated steam from the stainless quality pipe as soon as possible. The advantage of the electric system is that the machine does not need any steam source for conditioning. If the machine heating system is made by means of resistances, the number of resistances is determined according to the capacity of the machine. If there is a steam supply system in the facility where the machine is located, suitable heating and conditioning conditions are provided in the machine by applying a direct open steam distribution system.
Machine body diameter is manufactured from AISI 304 5 mm sheet metal in accordance with strength forms.
 Insulation material outer covers and insulation main carriers used on the machine are manufactured from St37 material and exterior coating is made in accordance with European standards.

304 quality stainless steel is used for the carriers.

The bobbins to be loaded into the machine are loaded into the machine by means of bobbin carriers designed according to the desired bobbin dimensions.

The connection of the vacuum pump, which is calculated in accordance with the machine construction, is made by our company. Fasteners, connections outside the machine and their connection to the machine are made by our customers.

The vacuum pump reaches up to 0.850 mbar.

There are three separate safety systems as mechanical, electronic and electromechanical against excessive pressure loading that may be experienced in the machine.

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