Digital Yarn Printing Machine

Digital Yarn Printing Machine

General Features

This machine has a capacity of 6 colors.

Thanks to the special combs at the machine entrance, the yarn enters the dyeing tunnel, which is regularly divided into two sections at the machine entrance.

Then, according to the written program, dyeing takes place at the desired meter.

Each painting tunnel performs the same process to paint the desired color length. In this way, a reported staining process takes place.

Cedit Makine is dominating the dyeing process with special software developed for this machine.

The painting process is carried out smoothly and smoothly with the help of special nozzles and pumps supplied from abroad.

A filter system has been added to the machine to prevent clogging of the nozzles.

Thanks to the safety valve on the machine, precise paint spray pressure settings can be made.

The dyed yarns coming out of the dyeing tunnel pass to the rear milking group on your existing machine and the process continues.